Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

05 Elemental Chaos 3: Rescued
“That’s all the pi I know. Does one of these symbols stand for peach?”

The party continues working their way through the enemy base, overcoming battles and puzzles alike, before finally squaring off against Meoshe Daif in a final confrontation to rescue Ventlandra’s parents.

05 Elemental Chaos 2: Enemy Base
“I want my family back, bitch!”

The party departs from Airspur in arcane fighter aircraft, searching for the base of the Firestorm Cabal. After engaging in a dogfight with some of the enemy’s aircraft, they infiltrate the base and begin to make their way through it….

05 Elemental Chaos 1: A Different Plane
Lardojar Mouthcrapper

Adrift in the great gulf of mostly empty space on the outskirts of the Elemental Chaos, the party is improbably rescued by an airship from Ventlandra’s home nation of Akanul, which exists on a different plane of existence. Informed that her parents have been abducted, the Dragon Slayers of Nenlast work to uncover their location and mount a rescue mission.

04 The Second Seal 4: Shivra and Dagon
“These are some kind of dwarf death porn!”

Continuing onward, the party finds an ancient dwarven dungeon far beneath the Dawnforge Mountains. After finding their way through, they encounter the drow woman, who is indeed Shivra. They defeat her, but not before the seal is broken. Returning to the surface, they pause to speak to a young boy crying by the roadside. The boy turns out to be an aspect of Dagon in disguise, and the demon banishes the party to parts unknown.

04 The Second Seal 3: Beneath the Surface
"Oh Loni tree, oh Loni tree, let me touch your branches!"

After returning to Hammerfast and learning what they could from the page being held at the Hall of Justice, the party headed north once again, where they encountered enthralled giants at the ruins of Broknar’s village before heading deep within the earth in search of the second seal.

04 The Second Seal 2: Stravalla

The party braved the domain of the old witch Stravalla.

04 The Second Seal 1: Fate of the World
"Muckenfuss, nobody's holding your orb."

Journeying to Hammerfast to investigate the missing artifact Dolgthrasir’s Longspear, the party became involved in various points of intrigue.

03 The Siege of Fallcrest 3: Fagan's Manor, 2nd Floor
"Leave my brother alone, dragon skank!"

The party continues to the second floor of Fagan’s manor, defeating the criminal’s forces, and killing him as he tried to escape. Jefelryx attacked them on their way out of the manor, but they drove her off. Impressed with the party’s skill, a dwarf priest has requested their help in saving the very world.

03 The Siege of Fallcrest 2: Fagan's Manor, 1st Floor
“Did he say he has VD?” “There’s a ritual for that.”

The party infiltrated Fagan’s manor, fighting their way through the first floor. No sign of the criminal yet, but the second and final floor awaits.

03 The Siege of Fallcrest 1: Investigating
"I'd rather stab him in the back. Rogues do it from behind."

The party travels to Fallcrest to investigate the recent crime wave that has sprung up there. Investigating Erandil Zemoar, they corner him and get him to reveal the real mastermind behind it all: Tirev Fagan!


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