Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

01 Nenlast 1: The Adventure Begins

"I'll knock on the door."

Each for their own reasons, each member of the party came to Nenlast, a small town in the northest of Nentir Vale. While there, they met and became familiar with each other, deciding to band together as an adventuring party.

One morning, while in the tavern seeking breakfast, the mayor, one Miles Aileward, approached to ask their assistance. He had been mugged by Kobolds while out hunting and had his ring stolen from him. Besides its monetary worth, the ring was also important to him because it bore a symbol of his position as mayor. He entreated the party to seek out the Kobolds and return his ring.

He led the party into a clearing in the woods, then pointed them in the direction he saw the Kobolds run. Bidding them good luck, he dashed off back to town to avoid any further risk to himself. The party proceeded in that direction. Before long, they came upon an archway cut into the side of a sheer cliff face. Muckenfuss recalled stories of an alchemist many years ago who had made his laboratory in such a place. The alchemist hadn’t been seen for a while and was presumed killed. After checking the entrance for traps and other dangers, the party went forth through the archway.

Koboldskirmisher Jahnklein, after hearing 4 Draconic voices speaking on the other side of the only door, decided to simply knock. No one answered, however, as sounds of surprise and panicked shuffling gave way to silence. Breaking down the door, the party entered combat against two Kobold Slingers and two Kobold Dragonshields. Moments later, a single Dragonshield remained, who Jahnklein intimidated into leaving.

Foundtrap Dólgthrasir then investigated an unlocked chest in a dark corner of the room. He failed to spot the arrow trap hidden within it, however, and was hurt badly when the arrow struck him in the thigh. He was even more annoyed when the only contents was 50 gp and no sign of the ring.

Proceeding, the party entered into the alchemist’s old lab. Understandably wary, they took their time exploring the room, being careful to look for signs of danger as they did so. Eventually, Muckenfuss approached a mirror on the south wall, which then manifested the image of a woman named Alyssa. Qatana convinced her they were old friends of the alchemist, Venzor. Alyssa was more than happy to help Venzor’s friends and told them everything she could about Venzor, the deadly mushrooms within the dungeon that he used for his alchemy, and the black dragon that lived deep within.

Continuing their search of the room, the party found a magical key in the bottom of a bird cage in which a raven’s skeleton sat. The key unlocked a door to the east, allowing them entrance to the dungeon proper. After unlocking the door, the key returned to its place in the bird cage.

Pressing onward, the party found a sacred circle around a statue in the following room, as well as a party of Goblins wielding crossbows on the other side of the room. Battle ensued, with the sacred circle providing assistance. More Goblins burst in from the east door, but quickly fell to the party’s attacks. Soon the room was littered in Goblin corpses, and the party pressed on to explore the room from which the reinforcements had come.

Gravehound Torchlight from Dolgthrasir’s everburning torch revealed two zombie wolves (Gravehounds) in the following room. As combat started, Jahnklein struck a sunrod, illuminating the room fully and revealing two Skeletons who had been lying in wait in the darkness. Combat continued, and the party discovered that Gravehounds tend to attack just before death. Muckenfuss’s Deva heritage played to his advantage as the necrotic attacks on him were mostly absorbed without effect. Though a tougher battle than the first two, all enemies were eventually vanquished.


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