Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

01 Nenlast 2: A New Face

"Do those blue lines go all the way down?"

Continuing on with a new party member, the group faced kobolds, deadly mushrooms, and cunning illusions, but their biggest scare came from a quartet of specters at the end of a narrow hallway….

As the party completed their short rest after defeating some undead, a blue light engulfed Jahnklein as an authoritative female voice spoke out. It seemed to be the Raven Queen, calling Jahnklein away to fight against Orcus. However, a new individual was transported in his place; it turned out to be Ventlandra. After some awkward introductions, Muckenfuss decided to use the Hand of Fate ritual to decide which way to go. The Hand pointed them consistently towards the eastern door, so they pressed onward. Broknar uncovered a small hidden chamber with 10gp in a bag. Then, the party busted in on the biggest group of Kobolds they’d seen yet: a Wyrmpriest with 4 Minions and 3 Slyblades backing him up.

This proved to be the party’s most difficult encounter yet, but they eventually emerged victorious. Next, they lockpicked their way into the Kobold’s holding chamber, uncovering a couple of magic items: a Duelist’s Kukri for Qatana and Warding Spirits Leather Armor for Dólgthrasir.

Super mushroom Proceeding onward, they entered a room full of mushrooms. They knew enough about these mushrooms to know that a dangerous one would be pulsing, and one mushroom was doing so. Arquera shot it with an arrow from a safe distance, releasing the spores harmlessly.

Next, they peeked through the far door and, seeing nothing, decided to press on. When the door opened fully, they were greeted with the terrifying sight of a young Black Dragon rearing up on its hind legs. An acid breath attack splashed the front two fighters, Broknar and Dólgthrasir, apparently hitting them hard. However, just as they began to process the impact, they discovered that the acid was but an illusion, and the dragon was in fact another Slyblade. Two more busted into the room as backup, but they were dispatched rather easily.

Moving onward still, the party was able to determine that Dire Rats made the next room (full of rubble) a hub of their underground tunnel system. Some careful strategy involving those who tread the lightest led to the holes in the five corners of the room being sealed before any rats could pop out to harass them.

Specter Investigating the door to the next room determined a chill emanating from it. Confident that undead creatures awaited them, Muckenfuss prepared to decimate them. Broknar bashed through the door and revealed four ghostly figures at the opposite end of the room. Muckenfuss attempted to rebuke them, but only managed to catch one. They all turned invisible, then reappeared in the party’s midst. A psychic barrage knocked Muckenfuss unconscious briefly, but Dólgthrasir was able to rejuvenate him. It was obvious that this battle would require everything they had.

The party’s strongest attacks were unleashed, which had the desired effect and overcame the Specters. Arquera spotted a magical Frost Longbow in this corridor, which she claimed for herself before the party decided to take an extended rest….


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