Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

01 Nenlast 3: The Dragon

"I'm gonna beat your m'aaaass!"

After camping out in the dungeon, the party continued onward, exploring the remainder of the underground rooms and finally facing off with a young black dragon….

During the party’s extended rest, each watch went without incident, and they resumed their journey into the dungeon. In the first new room they encountered, they found an unholy altar and four sarcophagi. The altar had a very expensive silver dagger on it which the rogue wanted pretty badly. She managed to get out of the way of the acid blast removing the dagger triggered and was very happy with her reward. So happy, in fact, she didn’t mind not opening the sarcophagi to look for more treasure.

Goblins Entering the next room, they failed to surprise a quintet of Goblins, one of which was a Hexer. During the battle, a sarcophagus near Arquera opened up; apparently the heroes who had been interred inside were affected by whatever dark ritual the altar was used for, and this one in particular was interested in reclaiming his longbow. Ventlandra flew back to assist and once again, Arquera avoided taking any damage.

Completing this encounter, Broknar ended up with a Lifedrinker Longsword and Muckenfuss got a Staff of Ruin. The party took a short rest, then explored the remaining rooms. The first of the two unlocked doors led to a room containing magical runes inscribed on the floor. Muckenfuss was able to determine the incantation required to activate the runes, and despite the fluctuating nature of the magic, decided to give it a try. When the runes activated, he felt he was slightly better at dodging and blocking attacks against him.

Dólgthrasir gave it a try next. He felt his defenses weaken, so he tried again and felt an increase in his speed. A third try improved his vitality, and the final try before the runes gave out restored his defenses to normal.

Ravenqueen The other room was filled with sounds from ancient rituals once carried out there. As there was nothing to be gained from that room, Muckenfuss merely said a prayer to the Raven Queen to help the restless spirits on their way.

Tharkazax Finally, the team moved forward and picked the lock to the door leading to what was obviously the dragon’s chamber. Qatana’s amazing stealth was showcased as she was able to slip in and utterly destroy one of the three Kobolds who were supposed to be on guard. One of the others shouted to wake the dragon, Tharkazax, and the final battle began. Muckenfuss quickly placed his Wall of Light, and the remaining Kobolds were dispatched quickly as well. Soon, it was just the party, and the dragon.

They were able to bloody the dragon in the first minute of combat thanks to the use of their strongest abilities, but after that it was slower going. The Dragon only managed to use his breath weapon three times, which helped the party greatly, especially since the only ones hit any of those times were Dólgthrasir and, eventually, Arquera, who was hurt for the first time since starting the adventure. A potion from the alchemist’s lab gave the Dragon a bit more fight, but only prolonged his suffering as finally, the avenging light of the Raven Queen burst forth from Muckenfuss and smote the Dragon right into the wall, collapsing it and revealing the first chamber of the dungeon.

The party headed back to town to return the mayor‘s ring (found along with 600gp in the Dragon’s treasure hoard). Very impressed by their performance, he enlisted their help as bodyguards for his forthcoming journey to Fastormel, to seek the guidance of Lord Mage Fastorm in resolving a dispute between his sons….


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