Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

02 Scepter Tower 4: The Tower, Part 1

"YOU heal her; you hit her!"

Exiting the catacombs, the party started ascending the tower, starting in the basement and working their way up. Along the way, they dealt with spider-creatures, magical and non-magical gnomes, arcane locks, and a nasty acid trap. Now they’ve discovered Thoran’s evil plan to bind the Lord Mage to his will and force him to answer question after question to serve Thoran’s agenda. Such unlimited knowledge is dangerous, so Thoran must be stopped!

Leaving behind the dampness of the catacombs, the party entered a basement level of the tower. There, they encountered a large number of ettercaps and huge spiders, a challenge which took quite a bit of effort to overcome and left Broknar spending most of the fight under the influence of ettercap venom. Proceeding onward, more ettercaps were under the command of a gnome arcanist, but they presented much less difficulty for the party.

On the next level, more gnomes stood in the party’s path, but were easily dispatched. One was interrogated afterward, but didn’t have much information. She did, however, have the rest of the alabaster pieces needed to complete the puzzle of the arcane lock on the next level.

Arcane Lock Opening the runic lock, the party was greeted with the phantasm of a mind flayer who was destroyed in this very chamber at some point in the past. Watching the scene played out in front of them, they knew that there was danger in attempting to open the chest in the middle of the room. Qatana’s skills proved worthy of the task, and she was able to disable the trap and recover the hoarde of magical items within.

Proceeding up to the next level, the party encountered an apparently benign magical effect blocking their path. Moving onward, Ventlandra and Broknar were shocked to discover themselves without equipment, stark naked, on the other side of the barrier. Two mages watching from their room attacked the party at this point, but eventually the effect was ended and discovered to be just an illusion. The mages now at a disadvantage, they eventually agreed to turn against Thoran and work for the party in exchange for staying alive.

Three levels up lies Thoran; can the party get to him and put a stop to his plans?


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