Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

02 Scepter Tower 5: The Tower, Part 2

"Just wait your turn! I will be in there to beat your ass in a minute!"

The party continues their assault on the tower, ascending to the final level and confronting Thoran. Though his evil scheme was thwarted, his frantic notes scrawled on the walls of his chamber hint at a greater evil orchestrating everything. Lord Mage Fastorm appears and answers the party’s questions. Resting in the Monastery afterward, the party learns of trouble in Fallcrest and decides to investigate.

With their new mage allies, nicknamed Cannon and Fodder, accompanying them, the party ascends to the next level, entering the kitchen, where another mage is directing a dozen kobolds through preparing a meal. One of the party’s mages tries to bluff his way through, but fails horribly. Battle ensues, with dark creepers and ettercaps joining in partway through. Cannon takes the worst of it and flakes out, dashing for the exit as soon as the coast was clear.

On the next level, Muckenfuss bluffs his way in to the feast hall and attempts to slap one of the dark creepers eating there, but the latter uses his ninja-like speed to block the attack. Battle ensues with the dark creepers, ettercaps, and a few gnome arcanists. After this battle, the remaining turncoat mage bolts as well, leaving the party alone to face Thoran.

Thoran On the final level, no enemies are immediately apparent. However, as Qatana works her way into one of the closed rooms, dark creepers suddenly burst out from their hiding places behind the curtains lining the walls and attack. A dark stalker also attempts to join the fray, but Broknar keeps it out of the fight. Thoran himself joins the fight, but when Muckenfuss casts a storm of flaming hail that extends into Thoran’s chamber, the villain dashes back in to check on his ritual arrangement of alabaster pillars.

Alabaster PillarsUsing the magical resonance of the pillars, Thoran looses a swarm of guided arcane missiles that slam into the entire party. Shortly afterward, however, the Shadar-Kai is defeated by the combined efforts of the party and explodes in a haze of shadow energy, destroying the alabaster pillars and causing the remaining dark ones to vanish, seeming to turn inside out and be forcibly removed from this plane of existence.

Shortly afterward, Lord Mage Fastorm appears and answers the party’s questions. While resting in the Monastery on the Precipice, the party hears a tale of woe from a person who came up from Fallcrest seeking an answer to the recent crime wave that has put the town under siege. Hearing of the party’s abilities in defeating Thoran, he asks for their assistance.


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