Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

03 The Siege of Fallcrest 1: Investigating

"I'd rather stab him in the back. Rogues do it from behind."

The party travels to Fallcrest to investigate the recent crime wave that has sprung up there. Investigating Erandil Zemoar, they corner him and get him to reveal the real mastermind behind it all: Tirev Fagan!

After an evening of relaxation and celebration in Fastormel, the party hears of a crime wave putting Fallcrest under siege. On their travels down the Nentir River to investigate, they are attacked by pirates. Defeating the pirates, the Dragon Slayers of Nenlast suddenly find themselves in possession of a longship of their own. Docking at Fallcrest, the party sees another group of adventurers that appear to be passing through.

Barstomun After conversing with Barstomun Strongbeard, the party heads to Moonstone Keep to offer their services directly to Lord Warden Faren Markelhay. Though he required some convincing, he eventually agrees and provides them with an official letter that provides the party with free room and board.

After picking up some new armor for Broknar at Naerumar’s Imports, everybody continues on to Teldorthan’s Arms, where Teldorthan Ironhews says he’s seen some suspicious folks milling around the Market Green. The party passes through there on their way to the Silver Unicorn and witnesses a robbery.

Erandil It does not take long for the Dragon Slayers to stop the robbers and return the merchants’ goods to them. Though no new leads come from the one thug they interrogate, Wisara Osterman gives her opinion when they stop by to get rooms. Muckenfuss disguises himself as a wealthy merchant and checks out her lead on Erandil Zemoar, whose guests at the competing Nentir Inn seemed to be victims of muggings more frequently than other folks.

Muckenfuss is attacked not long after leaving the inn, and one of the men captured by the party after the fight reveals that Erandil was behind the mugging. Muckenfuss returns to the inn prominently displaying an amulet around his neck. Erandil apparently recognizes the amulet; the tiefling in the group who attempted to mug Muckenfuss had been wearing it. When the party returns to the inn later that night, they find Erandil trying to skip town. He folds under little pressure and is arrested, but not before he reveals the true mastermind behind the crime wave: Tirev Fagan!

Fagan Fagan apparently has heard of the adventurers, as they are assaulted the following morning on their way to confront Fagan at his manor. It may prove difficult to bring Fagan in for justice, as he’s well-liked in the Fallcrest community, but the Dragon Slayers of Nenlast are fortunate to have the support of the Lord Warden. How difficult will it be to get through Fagan’s manor to apprehend the man?


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