Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

03 The Siege of Fallcrest 2: Fagan's Manor, 1st Floor

“Did he say he has VD?” “There’s a ritual for that.”

The party infiltrated Fagan’s manor, fighting their way through the first floor. No sign of the criminal yet, but the second and final floor awaits.

After defeating a group of Fagan‘s lackeys on their way to the man’s manor, a messenger from Lord Warden Markelhay arrives. The pirate longship the party had commandeered on their way down the Nentir River was sold on their behalf, and the funds distributed by the messenger to each of them. After some quick shopping, the party proceeded to Fagan’s manor.

Two entrances were available, the front apparently unguarded and the second watched over by archers on a balcony. Fearing a trap at the front, the party worked their way to the back. Muckenfuss used his magical armor to effect a disguise, but the archer’s didn’t buy into it. They started shooting arrows at the party, but members of the Fallcrest guard arrived to assist, calling the archers down to berate them for firing on people unprovoked.

While the archers were distracted by the guards, the party dashed into the manor, past the horses in the stable, and entered through the rear entrance into a storeroom. A locked and barred door caught their interest, but they were unable to lift the bar on the other side. Tying the bar on their side in the “up” position, they continued on.

Three Dragon Ante The next room the party entered, they interrupted a sparring match between some of Fagan’s thugs. The thugs put up a good fight, but were eventually defeated. Checking the other path, they found a hallway containing a spiral staircase to the second floor and a large number of dormant warforged. Fearing attack if they would enter the hallway, the party instead opted to continue southward, where they could hear sounds of card-playing. Muckenfuss disguised himself as one of the cavaliers, but the card players didn’t believe him any more than the archers did.

During that battle, one of the humans opened the door to the foyer, and four animated warforged shells (not fully sentient as the ancient warforged once were) provided backup, but they were all defeated by the party.

Carnage Demon Next, the party entered the manor’s library, where a gnome was just finishing summoning two demons. The pair of eladrin with the gnome took control of the demons and unleashed them on the party, but the Dragon Slayers of Nenlast prevailed once again. Arquera found a magical quiver in one section of the library. The quiver automatically generates ammunition for bows and crossbows.

Magic Quiver Also found in the library were a pair of ritual scrolls. One disabled the warforged in the hallway, and the other allowed those who were feeling weary to gain strength from their less-taxed allies. Finishing their exploration of the lower level, the party chased off a bunch of dinner guests and servants and partook in the feast that had been served, regaining some measure of stamina. Thus bolstered, they prepared to climb to the second floor in their continued pursuit of Fagan.


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