Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

03 The Siege of Fallcrest 3: Fagan's Manor, 2nd Floor

"Leave my brother alone, dragon skank!"

The party continues to the second floor of Fagan’s manor, defeating the criminal’s forces, and killing him as he tried to escape. Jefelryx attacked them on their way out of the manor, but they drove her off. Impressed with the party’s skill, a dwarf priest has requested their help in saving the very world.

After disabling the warforged in the first level hallway and restoring some of the vitality of the harder-hit members of the party, the Dragon Slayers of Nenlast ascended to the second floor of Fagan‘s manor. There, they fought a pair of werewolves, an eladrin, and a gnome, defeating them handily. Among the creatures’ possessions, they found a key to an ornate door they had passed on their way up.

Entering, the party found a treasure room guarded by more warforged. Lacking another ritual scroll to disable them, Muckenfuss used his magical armor to disguise himself as Fagan, fooling the guards and enabling the party to obtain new magical items to aid in their efforts. Continuing on past the manor’ armory, Qatana attempted to bluff her way past a changing of the guard on the balcony, but they didn’t buy it.

Good tactics led to a quick victory as the guards’ leader was the first to fall, sending the rest of them fleeing for their lives. In the next chamber, Fagan himself awaited with two of his guards. He attempted to convince Qatana to join him, but she didn’t take him up on his offer. After Muckenfuss shattered the glass in a magical window, combat ensued. Fagan attempted to dump Qatana and Broknar into a spike-filled pit with tigers and an arbalester, but the former was too nimble and the latter too good a jumper to fall in. Ventlandra was briefly knocked into the pit, but was able to teleport herself back out. One of the guards was not so lucky.

Jefelryx Muckenfuss blinded Fagan while Ventlandra lit him on fire. He quickly decided that things were not going his way and tried to escape out his enchanted window, but a crossbow bolt from Qatana lanced through his skull just as he hit the ground.

Grundelmar Thinking the day was won, the party left the manor, but they were attacked by Jefelryx. The battle was hard fought, but eventually the dragon took flight to recover. Having witnessed their courage and strength in the battle against Jefelryx, a dwarf priest approached them to request their help in saving the world….


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