Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

04 The Second Seal 1: Fate of the World

"Muckenfuss, nobody's holding your orb."

Journeying to Hammerfast to investigate the missing artifact Dolgthrasir’s Longspear, the party became involved in various points of intrigue.

Hammerfast After driving off Jefelryx, the dwarf priest of Pelor, Grundelmar, requested the party’s help in maintaining the six remaining seals of the original seven that bind the Tarrasque within the planet’s core. The following morning, Cogsworth arrives to inform the Bonebreakers that the longspear of Dolgthrasir’s ancestor of the same name has gone missing. Lacking any leads on the seals, the party decides to journey to Hammerfast to investigate.

Upon their arrival, they speak with Thora Longhammer and learn that a drow woman was recently chased out of town after destroying one of the ghosts living in Hammerfast. That night, the party stayed at Bonebreaker hall, where their initial investigation into the status of the missing longspear led to a frustrating dead-end. The Kanes stabled their pony Ruud and learned of an eladrin paladin that had left a white mare there almost ten years previous, then disappeared after heading north to confront Stravalla.

The next morning, the party investigated several locations around town where this drow, possibly Shivra, had been before running off. After speaking with Nemeia, Farras Stonescript, and Beldrin Longbeard, they learned that the drow was searching for materials on the ancient history of the region. She was caught in the middle of unauthorized access to one of the locations by a ghost. She destroyed the ghost and is wanted in Hammerfast for that crime.

Dawnforge mountains During her escape, she dropped a page ripped from one of the books. Beldrin has the page in evidence and refuses to let the party look at it unless they prove themselves worthy by dealing with Stravalla. On their way to just that, they encountered and defeated an army of undead, led by the former eladrin paladin the Kanes had learned of earlier.

Meanwhile, Grundelmar suspects that one of the seals is depicting the Dawnforge Mountains, suggesting that a seal is very nearby.

What is this mysterious drow woman’s agenda? What will Stravalla have in store for the party? How does all this tie in with the seal? And where is Dolgthrasir’s Longspear?


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