Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

04 The Second Seal 2: Stravalla


The party braved the domain of the old witch Stravalla.

Seeking access to the page dropped by a mysterious drow, the party set off toward the tower of Stravalla to rid the Dawnforge Mountains of her evil.

Outside her tower, a group of trolls and werewolves patrolled. Dolgthrasir’s connection to nature empowered Muckenfuss in battle, and the fiery ammunition available from Arquera’s magical quiver guaranteed the trolls would go down and stay down.

Inside the tower, a trio of harpies sang a discordant tune, boiling the party members’ blood in their veins. Other fey creatures, working on magical things on behalf of their mistress, also joined in the attack, but the party soon dispatched the foul creatures.

A section of the ceiling lowered to the floor, providing access to the second and final level of the tower, and the witch herself, Stravalla.


After a brief conversation, the witch gathered her magical energies and began to float around the room. Spikes appeared along the walls of the circular chamber, and the floor itself began to tilt in random directions, making the arcane battle that much more complicated. After a pitched battle, Stravalla was finally defeated, and her treasures revealed for the taking.

Among the treasures, a ritual scroll designed to undo a polymorph spell. It was this scroll that the eladrin paladin Baldyr sought before being defeated by Stravalla’s forces.


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