Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

04 The Second Seal 3: Beneath the Surface

"Oh Loni tree, oh Loni tree, let me touch your branches!"

After returning to Hammerfast and learning what they could from the page being held at the Hall of Justice, the party headed north once again, where they encountered enthralled giants at the ruins of Broknar’s village before heading deep within the earth in search of the second seal.

The party returned to Hammerfast with Stravalla’s head in tow. Presenting it to Beldrin Longbeard, the latter allowed them to transcribe copies of the page the mysterious drow woman dropped as she fled Hammerfast. A message from Grundelmar entreated them to hurry, as the second seal was showing signs of being weakened.

Hill giant Heading north once again, the party came upon the ruins of Broknar’s village. In a manner very similar to that of Broknar’s vision in Fastormel, a hill giant lumbered around the corner of the spirit lodge and attacked, soon joined by four others.

His lust for revenge was tempered just enough by the Grandmothers that Broknar was able to recognize that the giants were not acting of their own volition. The arcanists of the group worked to free them of their mind control, succeeding with some of them. The freed giants pointed them to a large hole leading deep into the mountain, and the party descended.

Duergar After several hours, they entered a horizontal section and entered combat with some of the Underdark’s populace: quaggoths, troglodytes, and duergar. Continuing onward, a dark pool swirled, admitting a number of aquatic undead which the Dragon Slayers were easily able to destroy.

In this underground labyrinth, which path is the correct way forward? Where is the mysterious drow woman? Will they get to the seal in time?


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