Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

04 The Second Seal 4: Shivra and Dagon

“These are some kind of dwarf death porn!”

Continuing onward, the party finds an ancient dwarven dungeon far beneath the Dawnforge Mountains. After finding their way through, they encounter the drow woman, who is indeed Shivra. They defeat her, but not before the seal is broken. Returning to the surface, they pause to speak to a young boy crying by the roadside. The boy turns out to be an aspect of Dagon in disguise, and the demon banishes the party to parts unknown.

Exploring outward from the dark pool, the party finds a dead-end chamber filled with mushrooms of various kinds. Deep gnomes appeared and attacked, but the Dragon Slayers were able to defeat them and continue on. A fiendish puzzle forced the party to split into two groups: Arquera, Qatana, and Ventlandra went one direction while Broknar, Dolgthrasir, and Muckenfuss went another. While separated, each group contended with their own pair of fire elementals.

The women were lucky enough to encounter a magical fountain filled with water, from which they were able to obtain a number of potions. The men found an empty fountain, but after much trial and error, managed to get the magical water flowing again to fill their own bottles.

Entering the central chamber from opposite sides at roughly the same time, they encountered Shivra, the drow lich who was working on breaking the second seal. Though they were successful in their attempt to defeat her, the seal’s power was diminished and it faded. The drow, being a lich, would be resurrected soon enough and remains a threat.

On their way back to Hammerfast to recover, they stop to talk to a boy crying by the roadside. After drawing them in near, the boy reveals himself to actually be an aspect of the demon Dagon in disguise. Dagon laughed as he took the party’s attacks with little difficulty, then completed a ritual which banished them to some unknown location. In transit, the ritual had an apparently unintended effect: the magic of the items the party carried resonated and transformed, increasing each person’s power and morphing the items into newer, more powerful versions, in some cases completely different than the original.

What fate awaits the Dragon Slayers?


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