Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

05 Elemental Chaos 1: A Different Plane

Lardojar Mouthcrapper

Adrift in the great gulf of mostly empty space on the outskirts of the Elemental Chaos, the party is improbably rescued by an airship from Ventlandra’s home nation of Akanul, which exists on a different plane of existence. Informed that her parents have been abducted, the Dragon Slayers of Nenlast work to uncover their location and mount a rescue mission.

After having been banished by Dagon to the Elemental Chaos, the party’s first challenge is surviving a fight against some of the native inhabitants. The elemental fiends dispatched, their thoughts turn to finding a solution to their problem. Muckenfuss uses one of his rituals to push around the mote of rock on which they found themselves stranded. A meeting with an ancient being traveling out into the wastelands of the Elemental Chaos to live out its final days leaves them with no assistance, but not long afterward, the flagship of Ventlandra’s fleet arrives, having finally located her after a long search.

The Tratus returns to Faerun, Ventlandra’s home plane, and makes for Airspur, where the adventurers meet with the Four Stewards to discuss the latest crisis: the abduction of the queen and her husband, i.e., Ventlandra’s parents. During an investigation around the city, Halfrand Chinnel reveals that he sold plans for mechanical and arcane traps to members of the Firestorm Cabal. Their best lead on a location unfortunately came from Elelweth, an elf cursed with hallucinations and filled with fantastical (and likely false) stories.

After equipping themselves for the task ahead, they each boarded a Valefor-class experimental one-man airship and took flight toward Brassune.


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