Dragon Slayers of Nenlast

05 Elemental Chaos 3: Rescued

“That’s all the pi I know. Does one of these symbols stand for peach?”

The party continues working their way through the enemy base, overcoming battles and puzzles alike, before finally squaring off against Meoshe Daif in a final confrontation to rescue Ventlandra’s parents.

The first puzzle the party comes across appears to be both musical and mathematical in nature, as they ponder an arcane circle inscribed with a treble clef and the symbol for pi. Working out the meanings of some of the symbols on the floor, they correctly input the tones for the notes which correspond to the digits of pi, which earns them the first of two keys.

Backtracking, the party explores down the other branch of the compound and does battle with the remaining guards and their demon aid. Victory yields them the key to the door across the hallway, which contains another puzzle. A strange table converts a wooden log into planks, then sticks, and then combines those sticks with lengths of spider silk to form a kind of fishing rod. Using the rod, they retrieve the key from behind its impenetrable force field.

Beyond the doubly-locked door, the party avoids a sinister arrow pit trap and enters the prison cell block. Behind an arcane field, Queen Arathane and her husband Prince Qaijo watch as the party takes on a major player in the Firestorm Cabal: Meoshe Daif.

The Dragon Slayers are experienced, however, and soon have Meoshe pinned and separated from his support. Before long, he is defeated and Ventlandra’s parents rescued!

Now the party must return to their home plane and resume their quest to prevent the Tarrasque from being released!


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